Speciality Coffee at Breward’s Coffee Shop, Mountsorrel

Enjoy freshly roasted coffee and scrummy homemade cakes, all served with a smile in the heart of Mountsorrel.


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A café of kindness

When Homefield College learnt that Sorrel Youth Café was set to close, they knew they had to act. The café was at the heart of village life, providing a safe space for young people to socialise and relax. Hard work and determination helped to keep the café alive and it reopened its doors in 2020 as Breward’s Coffee Shop. The Homefield team worked alongside coordinator Nicci Ilett to create a community enterprise café that helps young people with learning disabilities to develop new skills.

“We believe that our students achieve through experience,” Homefield College said, “which is why we run our own enterprises. People with learning disabilities often struggle to gain meaningful employment, so we use our enterprises to help equip our students with the knowledge, experience and transferable skills needed to secure external work placements and future employment.” We were impressed by the café’s community-minded approach and, as coffee wholesale suppliers, got in touch with Nicci to see if Breward’s would like to serve Two Chimps alongside their delicious cafe goodies. Fast-forward over a few sample bags, and it was a sure thumbs-up from Nicci!


Breward's coffee shop


Top barista training

As well as roasting the best speciality coffees, we see tip-top service as a priority. That’s why we always visit our new wholesale coffee customers in person. We love to say hello and get a flavour for their business (literally – we’re always up for a bit of cake sampling!). We also know how important it is that you have a fully functional machine tailored to your needs. On-site visits are part of the Two Chimps service, and we install, service and repair every espresso machine rented from our roastery. Plus, we’re always on hand to solve any issues that might arise. We know that problems can’t wait!

We had a great time helping Nicci and the team set up their espresso machine. Espresso machines can be tricky customers, but we make sure every dial is set to give customers the best brew again and again. We explained it all jargon-free in our barista training, too, so the café staff understand their machine and can help the students to perfect their skills. From punchy espressos right through to silky smooth lattes, Breward’s Coffee Shop have mastered them all! Go team!


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What’s on the menu?

If you like to take your coffee with cake (we do – did we mention that?), then you’ll be very happy at Breward’s. The students bake fresh cakes and crumb-perfect scones each day. We were fortunate enough to arrive at the café just as some lemon scones came out of the oven. We didn’t plan it, honest! They were utterly delicious, and just right with the medium/dark roast coffee we brewed together. ‘Work hard. Drink Coffee. Eat Cake.’ is their motto – a good approach to life, we say!

If you’re in the mood for something savoury, pop in for lunch or a light bite. You’ll find a wide range of freshly made rolls, sandwiches, salads and baguettes. There’s also hot soup and cosy jacket potatoes for when the days turn chilly. Plus, an extensive hot and cold drinks menu starring plenty of fresh Two Chimps speciality coffee! What could be better?

It’s great to know that we’re offering transferable skills to the young adults at Breward’s. Working at the café helps students to learn how to handle money, greet customers, make bread and serve drinks, and we’re thrilled to be playing a part!


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Whether it’s cappuccino and cake or lunch and a latte, a visit to Breward’s will always leave you with a smile. ?


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