The Fig & Fox Company – Local food for local people.

The Fig and Fox offer subscription boxes, gift boxes and food consultancy; all of which showcase the best of local & independent produce.

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Founder, Laura, is currently based in Peterborough after settling here with her partner and new son.

Laura originally lived on the Welsh coast where she met James, a chef, and with 25 years’ worth of food and catering experience between them, decided to start The Fig & Fox Company. Its main aim was to help support local independent businesses who had been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, as they were themselves.


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Where does the name come from?

Inspired by a beautiful Foxglove tree at James’ childhood home, they shortened to ‘Fox’ and paired it with ‘Fig’; after another tree Lauras grandparents’  had planted in their garden. And so, The Fig & Fox Company was born! Their first subscription boxes were sent out at the beginning of September and, so far, they love it! There are plenty more ideas in the pipeline too, so watch this space!

Laura used to manage bars and restaurants and always advocated local produce. The downturn of the industry during Covid-19 meant they wanted to help support local businesses, and this is the result!

inside a fig and fox box

When asked what her favourite thing about her business was, Laura said “it promotes community spirit. Our business is very circular in that sense – we connect small businesses to nearby customers who purchase a product that supports local charities and has a low impact on the surrounding environment.”

We also really admire Laura’s commitment to being green. So far, they haven’t sent a single thing to landfill. Their eco-packaging means any boxing mistakes they make can just be chucked into their home compost. Winner!


coffee ground on plants in the garden


Laura currently stocks taster packs of some of our freshly roasted coffees. Currently available is I’m a Natural, which is our medium roast coffee from Brazil, as well as Mine’s Eating With Chopsticks which is our limited edition light roast coffee from Ethiopia. Both of these coffees are perfect for cafetiere and filter.


Two Chimps Coffee Sample Bags Laying Flat


If you’re more of a chocoholic, then they also stock sachets of Hot Chocolate Flakes, made from 71% flakes of real cocoa, they create an awesomely smooth & indulgent mug of hot chocolate.


Hot Chocolate Flakes added to milk

Sound good? Put a coffee sample or two in your cart today!

Not only is Laura creative in her line of work, but she’s also super creative outside of work too. She is a certified open water diver, a qualified English teacher in foreign countries and also a propagator of plants! Wow!

There’s more…

Another branch to their business is food consultancy. This is aimed at small businesses wanting to make a local impact and become more environmentally friendly.

Their holistic approach builds a natural and gradual process into becoming a thriving business that embraces eco-friendly solutions and appreciates the benefits of being part of the local food network.


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By improving operations, providing training and strengthening your brand, they can help you become better connected with your local customer base and reduce your environmental impact.

Laura recently contacted us as Two Chimps HQ to invite us to become one of their partners! Of course, we said Yes! We love their ethics, and between us, we want to spread the word about local produce and help other local businesses thrive.


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All this reading making you thirsty? The freshest hand roasted coffee is just a few clicks away.

Head to our shop now, where everything is dispatched using FREE 1st class post.


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