The price of wholesale speciality coffee in 2023

Why we’re not shy in telling the world the price of our coffee.


Hey There, Coffee connoisseurs and business owners.


If you are starting out or you run an established business looking for a change, finding the right coffee provider can sometimes be stressful. But worry no more! We’re here to give you all the information you need..including the price per kilogram of speciality coffee! Yup, we’re not shy in letting everyone know the cost of wholesale speciality coffee..and why, you wonder? Well, sit back, grab a brew and let us explain why your new coffee is worth every sip and every penny.



Our wholesale coffee is £22.50 per kilo with discounts for regular larger quantity orders, whether you need whole bean or ground. I know what you are thinking… its more expensive than your average cash and carry coffee, and for good reason.

It is however cheaper than our retail online price, the reason being is that wholesale coffee is ordered in much larger quantities which saves on delivery costs, there is no retail labelling involved and, because of the larger sizes, less bags too.


So. back to wholesale…

First, when you choose Two Chimps Coffee, you choose quality that’s off the charts. Our coffee is meticulously sourced from the finest origins, ensuring each cup is an experience, with each speciality coffee scoring 80 points or above when tasted by certified Coffee-tasting professionals.


We are not just about great-tasting coffee but about great ethics. Our pricing ensures that our beans are top-notch, and the farmers who grow them are fairly compensated, too. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.


coffee in a cooling bin



Roasting our speciality coffee isn’t just a process. Our team of passionate roasters are true coffee artisans who carefully perfect the roasting process to unlock each bean’s full potential. It’s a labour of love, and that’s why our coffee stands out. We dispatch wholesale speciality coffee (Free, with no delivery charges ever!! ) within four days of roasting, so you’ll always have fresh awesome coffee to serve to your thirsty customers. Oh, and there are no minimum order quantities, either.


Now let’s talk about our favourite perk of all… working together! You join the Two Chimps family when you choose us as your coffee supplier, and we really are a family. When investing in your new coffee, you invest in a brew-tiful partnership. You receive unlimited free training, point-of-sale material, advice and guidance, all for the price of £22.50 per kilo. It’s like having a coffee consultant on hand 24/7 ( no calls at 2 a.m. though, please ;-D ). Now I know what you are thinking… bargain!


But seriously, this coffee is so much more than its price tag; it’s a promise of quality, ethics, partnership, great customer service and an investment which will make your customers want to come back time and time again.


Three coffee farmers kneeling beside basket of coffee cherries


And so, to recap. By joining us as your speciality coffee supplier, you will:

  1. Gain a dedicated team on hand 24/7 to help with anything coffee
  2. Free delivery
  3. No minimum order quantity
  4. Weekly calls for orders
  5. Unlimited training
  6. Point-of-sale material
  7. Social media support and your own blog
  8. Great customer service
  9. Not to mention high-scoring, ethically sourced speciality coffee from a carbon-neutral roastery.
  10. All for £22.50 per kg.


If you like the sound of joining our much-loved TCC Family, give us a call or pop and see us at the roastery..we would love to meet you!

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Here’s to the perfect cup and brewing success together.

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