Top 5 ideas to get more customers into your coffee shop!

21st September 2023

You’re here because you don’t want to sit still

– you want to move forward and develop new and innovative ways to keep your customers and always attract new ones!

Welcome; we are here to help.

This blog will give you five ways to keep your customers happy, and these five ideas will also introduce new people to your business.


Free Coffee Day (Free Coffee Friday has a good ring!)

We know what you’re thinking – why would I want to give away free coffee? I want to sell coffee, not give it away.

We all know a cup of coffee goes perfectly with a slice of cake or a bowl of hot soup on a winter’s day. If they can have a free cup of coffee, they’ll buy the accompaniment from you instead of next door.

The great bit, is when they’ve experienced your undoubtedly impeccable customer service, tried the amazing coffee and the just as amazing sweet treat or soup, you should have them hooked!

They’ll be back, and they’ll tell a friend; either way, they won’t only use you on a Friday, you’ve got a NEW customer – sorted!

For your existing customers, they get a treat; a free cup of coffee, so everyone is happy.


This doesn’t need to be an espresso-based coffee, this could be a filter coffee that you bulk brew and have ready to go. Bulk brew is quick and easy to make, and the cost per cup is much less than espresso. As long as it’s good coffee and has the same wow factor as your already awesome coffee, it’s going to be great.

If you’re a Two Chimps customer, speak to our team about having a FREE filter machine on trial to give this a go.


Guest coffee

Entice people to come in or return with an exciting new guest coffee. This could be something completely different to your house coffee, or it could be a guest decaf (popular right now) or even a half-caff coffee (half the caffeine all the flavour!)

Whichever you choose, you could have another grinder for this or order it pre-ground for your machine. Or you could offer this on a new device. A great filter coffee- brewed to order, or maybe small one cup cafetieres to go directly on the tables.



Everyone loves a freebie, whether it’s a buy one get one free, points when you spend or even a free bag of sweets someone pops in your parcel. You could do something similar for your customers, maybe a biscuit on the side of their coffee, a small piece of shortbread or a little snippet of something larger; either way, something small as a little gesture makes people remember you and also shows how yummy your baking is!


A loyalty scheme

Reward people for choosing you. There are lots of places to get a coffee or a sandwich, so let’s think how we can thank our customers for choosing us.

A loyalty scheme could be something like a card where people collect stamps, and so many stamps mean a free drink at the end, or they might get a discount for buying lunch with you. They could recommend a friend get half-price drinks for a month and their friend gets 10% off their first order with you. Or, they get a free cake when they order two or more drinks at the same time. Exclusive perks or offers for people in the club is an excellent way of saying thank you.

Keeping a customer happy is easier than trying to find a new customer, so let’s keep them sweet.



Offer them a takeaway! You have everything you need to offer a takeaway coffee and cake service. All you need is something to put it in. A simple takeaway cup or takeaway box for the slice of cake is all it takes. You can even offer a bring your own cup scheme, and they get 10 pence off a drink. You can easily use what you’ve got already by making a few small tweaks. How about a takeaway bundle of coffee and a cake for £5 or coffee and a sandwich for seven pounds?

So there we have it – 5 top ideas to keep your coffee shop customers happy and bring new ones in!

Let us know how you get on!


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