Looking for a Wholesale Coffee Supplier for your business?

tcc01104Are you lucky enough to own a coffee shop, restaurant, pub, hotel or any other business?

Do you feel that your coffee is a bit boring and unimaginative? Or are you looking for new ways of serving to set you apart from the competition?

Two Chimps Coffee don’t just want to sell you amazing coffee that your customers will love…oh no. We want to know all about you and your business! The more we know, the more we can help. We can offer training days, interchain team building competitions, advice and free delivery.

Whatever your reasons are for looking for a wholesale coffee supplier, contact the coffee roastery and join the troop!


If you are still unsure, get in touch for some samples of our coffee range or arrange a visit – the Chimps love visitors! See how we source, roast, pack and taste our coffees.

So come, meet Rosie the roaster, (yep- we have named our roasting machine), and try some of her coffee, you are all invited.

Tailor Made

We can even roast a coffee that will be yours and yours only. Get involved when we choose the coffee, blend it and roast it. Afterwards, name it, know its history and pick how it will be best served. Our promise is not to make the same coffee for anyone else.

Best be quick though – we are looking to be wholesale coffee suppliers to just a few establishments in any area.

Like to know more?

In conclusion, would you like to know more about us? Are you interested in offering specialty coffee to your customers? Get in touch with us now on 01572 774389 or hello@twochimpscoffee.com to find out about our introductory discounts and innovative ways that we can help.

You can’t be different if everyone is selling the same stuff can you?

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