Why choose Two Chimps Coffee?

One of the main things we pride ourselves on here at Two Chimps is that we are what we say on the tin. We genuinely are awesome coffee with no nonsense. In the past years of building our brand, we have created a tight-knit community. Once you click checkout on that first order, you become a troop member in this crazy treehouse.

There will be none of that talking-to-a-robot rubbish around here. If you have any questions or queries, you are encouraged to call, email, or direct message us on one of our social platforms, putting you instantly through to an experienced team member.

All our coffees are speciality arabica and of single origin, AKA the cream of the crop in the caffeinated world. What makes coffee speciality, you ask? Every coffee is given a quality score out of 100, judged by highly trained testers called Q graders. They mark the beans using categories such as body and balance.

Any coffee scoring above 80 is labelled as ‘speciality,’ with the brews between 65 and 80 being commodity-grade coffee (the supermarket stuff). We only choose the best at Two Chimps Coffee. Sorry, commodity coffee- but it’s time to hit the road; there’s no place for you here!


Two Chimps Latte


We love what we do!

We are passionate about coffee; there’s no better beverage (apart from our tea and hot chocolate!). Our goal is to share the gift of awesome coffee with everyone. Therefore, we only choose the highest quality beans at Two Chimps to create mouth-watering flavours in our speciality brew; get ready to happy dance, folks! We are based in Oakham, Rutland, and supply coffee to wholesalers, such as pubs, coffee shops, and hotels, and to you, ordering for home brewing. From 5-star customer service to single-origin coffee freshly ground to order, we promise you’ll get an excellent cup of joe every time.

In a nutshell, here’s a list of all the other benefits Two Chimps offer:

For our brewing-at-home customers:

  • Free tracked 1st class delivery on orders over £25 and all subscription deliveries
  • Coffee which is freshly roasted and ground to order
  • Carbon neutral
  • Ethically sourced ensuring the farmers get the best price for their hard work, going back to them directly.
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Fresh and good coffee for 12 weeks (even after the bag is opened!)
  • Top-notch customer service. Give us a ring or drop an email if you have any questions!

Wholesale or Retail Customers also receive:

  • Free training for staff
  • Free POS (point-of-sale) materials
  • Weekly calls to confirm orders
  • No minimum order
  • Free delivery by courier or by hand.


Single Origin Speciality Coffee

You may have seen the term single origin at your local coffee shop or on coffee bags, but this doesn’t specifically mean the coffee has come from one place geographically (although this is generally true.) For example, suppose you see a standard bag of beans referenced as just ‘Brazilian’. In that case, this is likely a blend of many different beans from all over Brazil, typically creating a jumble of different flavours.

When you choose a single-origin roast from Two Chimps Coffee, you will focus on the uber-beautiful taste of a specific bean rather than a confusion of other flavours coming from other beans. This is because we can trace every one of our coffees back to the area, small farms or cooperatives where they were grown. We can even find the farmer who grew them! That’s pretty cool, right?

We ethically source our coffee via a small supply chain, where the coffee is of greater quality. Speciality coffee costs 30-150% more than commodity coffee, ensuring the farmers get a better price for their hard work, going back to them directly rather than through a third-party organisation.


Colombia Coffee Farmer


Creating consistently awesome coffees

Our expert roasters draw out the incredible flavours in our coffee by hand-roasting in small batches. There is plenty to choose from at Two Chimps Coffee. Our roast styles vary from light and fruity to medium and medium/dark. You’ll never see any pure dark roasts at Two Chimps; our beans are too beautiful to over-roast. We want to retain those incredible caramelised notes without the bitter tang of burnt beans.

We cup every brew to ensure we get the flavours we want. Cupping is a way of sampling coffee to establish all those crazy-tasting notes you see on the bag, such as orange peel or pear. Once perfected, we hand-roast in small batches multiple times a week before packing the beans into bags.

We grind each roast to order as we don’t want ground coffee sat around; you lovely lot deserve peak freshness! Whether you like whole bean or ground for a cafetiere, we’ve got you covered, catering your coffee to whatever device you brew with. We can even suggest which Two Chimps Coffee to choose with our Coffee Calculator Test!

When you choose Two Chimps Coffee, you get the freshest brew around. We only send your products with Tracked 24 delivery, guaranteeing you get that coffee fix ASAP. Your coffee lasts 12 weeks once opened (if it lasts that long!), thanks to our resealable bags and handy valve, which lets carbon dioxide out but stops any oxygen from getting in.

We also pop a helpful date sticker on the bag, letting you know the exact day your brew was roasted. There is no need to keep it in the fridge; this dries out the coffee’s natural moisture with the varying temperature, upsetting the coffee- no one wants a sad brew!


Two Chimps Coffee Cupping


Ethically Sourced Coffee

If you want to buy ecologically and ethically sound coffee, your search is over. We are proud to say that our roastery is carbon-neutral, wahoo! Climate change already affects our planet, and at Two Chimps, we want to ensure we are part of the solution, not the problem.

We work with Positive Planet to reduce carbon emissions right up to your door. Our coffee is carbon-neutral, meaning if you ever want to work out your carbon footprint, your mug of brew will contribute nothing to that calculation. We’ve already sorted it for you on our end. High five!


Chelbesa Coffee Beans


Carbon Neutral Roastery

We started this journey to sustainability in 2021. Our Head Chimps, Andy and Laura, contacted Ecologi, an organisation for climate action. They began assessing, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions in the roastery. This first step has prevented 84.67 tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) from being released via 46 established carbon avoidance projects. These include ventures in using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile, and preserving the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil.

We also funded the planting of trees, creating the Two Chimps forest. These natural climate guardians help restore healthy ecosystems by sequestering and storing carbon in soils. Six thousand four hundred sixty-four trees across 17 projects were planted due to Two Chimps and our amazing troop of customers.

We are working towards ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications with Positive Planet, which marks our commitment to meeting global industry quality and environmental standards. We have already started growing our second forest (already up to 1,400 trees!)

Another way to aid our commitment to our Positive Planet mission is our process of reusing and recycling. We are happy to have reached the stage where, if you order a bag of Two Chimps, nothing will end up in your general waste bin. We use recyclable paper tape and cardboard as delivery packaging, whilst the coffee bags (even the stickers) are also 100% recyclable.


Wholesale Customers

All these benefits and more are available to our wholesale customers, too. If ordering for wholesale, there is no minimum order quantity or delivery charge, and ongoing training is complimentary. Are you hiring a new barista? Let us know, and we can pop down and show them all the bells and whistles of using a machine, guaranteeing you get the best flavours from our coffee.

Unlike home users, the kilograms are packed and delivered in larger quantities, removing the retail labelling. We will add a date sticker along with the weight, all recyclable (of course). Are you unsure if our coffee is the best option financially? Download our free coffee price calculator to determine how much it costs to make a cup of coffee. So what are you waiting for? Click add to basket on any of our products and join our Two Chimps troop!


Want to get in touch to find out more information? No problem!

Call us on 01572 757643 or email hello@twochimpscoffee.com