The perks of being a regular Two Chimps customer

Good things are better when they never end! ☕☕☕

Some things in life get worse as they go on:

  • Rainy days
  • Being put on hold
  • The Grease sequel

Some things in life get better:

  • Three course dinners – bring on pudding
  • Pass the parcel
  • Joining Two Chimps Coffee!

Being part of the Two Chimps troop gets better as it goes along. Our subscriptions don’t just come with delicious, freshly roasted single origin coffee, oh no, we pop lots of extra treats in along the way. So, whether you are new to the gang or have been a chimp-ette for years, you’ll always have some super surprises to enjoy!


Two Chimps coffees lined up


And they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch…

Remember the joy when your first Two Chimps order arrived through the door? We know how awesome that feeling is, and want to recreate it again and again (and again). How? By sending free coffee goodies just for you! Regularly throughout your coffee subscription, we’ll pop in some perks at no extra cost. It’s our little way of saying thank you for subscribing and supporting our small business. ❤

So, what have you got to look forward to? We’re not going to reveal all the ins and outs (that would spoil the surprise…), but we’ll give you a taster of what’s to come.


two chimps tin and bag of coffee in a gift box


The good stuff starts from the word go. When you first subscribe, you’ll receive a stylish black and white coffee tin that’s just right for storing a 250g pouch of Two Chimps.Calculating your carbon footprint? Good news! You can ignore your/this/our coffee. We’ve taken care of everything, up and downstream!

Soon after your first delivery, you’ll receive a £5 voucher to spend on anything you like in our online shop. Luxury hot chocolate, top-quality brewing devices – you name it, it’s yours! A bit later on, one of our cool enamel mugs will be winging its way to you, and then a coaster too! Dotted throughout will be other freebies such as stickers, money-off vouchers and free coffee samples. We’ll also celebrate your four year anniversary with trees (because who wants fruit or flowers?) and will plant ten just for you!


two chimps logo on enamel mug


So much fresh coffee to try

If you prefer to order your coffee on the day rather than subscribe, don’t worry – there are still lots of surprises to look forward to! We source our speciality coffees direct from the importer. As well as ensuring our coffees are ethically sourced and fully traceable, this means that we purchase specific crops rather than multi-origin beans. It’s impossible to repeat a harvest exactly – temperature, rainfall and other conditions all play a part – so coffee cherries from new crops will always be slightly different.

Why does this matter? Well, it means that things at the roastery are never dull! Sourcing directly allows us to sniff out the tastiest new harvests and change our coffees so they are always super fresh. We introduce new coffees every 8-12 months as the seasons change and new cherries are harvested. It can be frustrating, we know: you’ve found a coffee you’re just head-over-heels for and then you can’t reorder it… But don’t worry, we do lots of sampling and coffee cupping to make sure the new arrival tastes similar to your old favourite. Just look at the label – when we change a coffee, we keep the label colour the same. So, if you liked a pink-labelled coffee previously, opt for another pink label and you’ll find flavours that are similar but just a little bit better…


coffee cherries


Mystery coffee subscriptions

Worried that you can’t enjoy our newest coffees if you’ve got a subscription? Don’t be! Coffee subscriptions don’t have to be samey! If you like awesome surprises, new coffees and seasonal specials but still fancy subscribing, then our mystery subscription is the answer. Surprise coffee subscriptions come with a different coffee every time, so you can try them all and choose your favourite. Perfect for the indecisive amongst us!


Mystery coffee subscription


Fresh is Best. Always.

But it’s not all surprises. In some respects, we’re really, really dull. Some things never change. We will always roast single-origin speciality coffee that scores 80 points or above. We will always roast in small batches and tailor every roast. And we’ll never stop roasting multiple times each week or delivering fresh coffee free of charge.

Because sometimes, things shouldn’t change!


looking down on three two chimps coffee labels and tin


Your first order is only the start of the party; here at Two Chimps, the good times keep on coming!


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