Where can I find the best coffee for the office?

Most of us have a morning routine when it comes to work.

For example, get up, coffee, get ready, coffee, have breakfast and coffee, prepare lunch, coffee get to work, have coffee.

For most people, a hot drink in the morning is part of an everyday occurrence, whether it’s a cup of tea in bed or grabbing a coffee on the go after an exercise class.


blowing on a hot mug of coffee


Either way, you want to be drinking something that is delicious and that you enjoy, not just because you do it every day. At Two Chimps Coffee, our sole purpose is to provide you with the best coffee.


cup of coffee on the table


With the help of our experienced importer partner, we ethically source speciality coffee from smallholding farms and cooperatives all over the world. We import green coffee beans and, using our years of knowledge and expertise, roast every batch by hand, multiple times each week.

For our wholesale coffee customers, including our office customers, we call or email once a week to see if fresh coffee is required. We then hand roast your coffee to order before delivering it a few days later.


coffee in sample trowel from roaster


Where are we?

We’re based in Rutland on the Oakham Enterprise Park, along with 120 other small businesses. The site is perfect for our coffee roastery.

Because we roast on-site, it means everyone else gets to smell the wonderful aromas that we create too! It also means that we’re local to several businesses and love it when people pop by to see what we do and to buy coffee directly from the roastery.


inside the reception area at two chimps coffee


When looking for the best coffee for the office, you’re always welcome to pop in to chat to us. If you can’t get to us, don’t worry, we have a fantastic website bursting with information and products for your perusal.

After choosing your favourite coffee, just get in touch with the team who are on hand to help you in setting up a wholesale account.

Call for a chat

If websites are not your thing and you’d prefer to talk to someone real, but you can’t get to us, then you can speak to our newest chimp, Vic.

She’s our wholesale coffee manager and is happy to talk to you about all things coffee. She worked in a couple of coffee shops and knows an espresso machine like the back of her hand. All her knowledge is through experience and training, and she’s had a keen interest in coffee since visiting a coffee farm in Colombia 10 years ago.


vic from two chimps coffee


Like us, Vic loves coffee so she won’t be short of a few words or recommendations on which products would be perfect for your office.

She’ll even come and see you with coffee samples to let you taste a range of coffees. When you’ve decided, she will set your espresso machine up for you or discuss what other coffee devices would be ideally suited to you.


coffee grinding into portafilter


As a Two Chimps customer, we won’t just sell you coffee and leave you to it; oh no. We want you to get the very best from your coffee, and we are here to help through every step of the journey.

We’ll come and visit your office at a time that is convenient to set up your espresso machine. We will set your grinder and machine to give you the perfect espresso every time, and we’ll train any of your staff as well. We will also continue to support you by offering free training in future to any staff as, and when you need it, meaning you never have to worry.

If you don’t have an espresso machine or grinder, then we have plenty of other brewing devices available and will help you choose the right one for you and your office.


Roasted coffee beans being pushed around a coffee cooling bin


Need ground coffee for the office?

If needed, we grind your freshly roasted coffee to suit your office coffee brewing device. For example, if you decide that a cafetiere is for you, then the grind needs to be of a similar feel to that of caster sugar for the best flavours to be extracted during brewing.

We want you to have the freshest coffee, and so we grind your coffee to order. If you’re interested in knowing more about brewing coffee, we offer brewing workshops too. So, if there is a coffee-loving buzz around the office, bring the whole team!

Whats next?

Once you’ve chosen the right coffee for you, had your machine & grinder set up and/or you’ve chosen your ideal brewing device, we’ll continue to supply you with freshly roasted coffee as often as you need it. You don’t even have to remember to order. We’ll do all the hard work for you.

We can offer you a rolling coffee subscription where coffee will magically appear through your letterbox once a week, fortnight or month.

brown envelope on a doormat


Alternatively, we can give you a ring, say hey, and see how you’re coffee stocks are getting on before roasting and sending what is required.

Because we source from small farms and cooperatives, our coffees inevitably run out in time.  However, we always replace our coffee with another equally wonderful alternative, ensuring there are close similarities. This way, we make sure we are roasting the freshest coffee, and you have something super fresh to enjoy in the office too.

If you want a different coffee delivering each time or you just fancy a change, look at a mystery subscription.


bag of mystery two chimps coffee on a table with a coffee tin


In a nutshell

We’re an independent coffee roastery who are passionate about the best, yet affordable coffee. Over recent years, we’ve built up a strong customer base of businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors.



We don’t just supply the best coffee to cafes and coffee shops. Oh no. We provide to offices, soft play centres, hairdressers and yoga studios, to name a few.

So, if you’d like to become part of our troop by ordering the best coffee for the office, then just click here to get in touch with us.


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Andy Cross

Meet the chimp behind this article!
Head Chimp founded Two Chimps alongside Laura in 2016 after being self-employed from the age of 21. He caught the coffee bug from using an at-home roaster, and the rest is history!

What Andy does outside of the treehouse:
When the weather’s nice, Andy loves going on bike rides with his trusty sidekick, microchimp Felix (who always leads the way, of course). Andy also enjoys spending time tending to the family’s vegetable garden, and looking after their at-home farmyard, which includes a cat, two guinea pigs, and six chickens!

Andy says…
“I believe every day is a school day, and I’m always looking for opportunities to stick my head in a book and absorb new knowledge. I also love a problem to solve and fix – there’s no such thing as problems, only solutions.”

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